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This is my first 1983 Trek 500, with a 24" frame.

I purchased this on, and most parts have been replaced other than the frame and fork. This "fair weather bike" is set up with skinny tires and a 1x9 drivetrain with a Shimano bar end shifter in friction mode. The front derailer is broken, and is mounted only to serve as an anti-derail device. With the skinny tires it provides barely adequate standover clearance.

First built up in Summer 2006. Updated Winter 2006/7 with OYB bag, B17 seat, Panaracer Pasela TG 28mm tires.

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1983 Trek 500 OYB multi-way bag OYB multi-way bag IMG 0974
OYB multi-way bag
This is mounted like a Carradice saddle bag.
Bag mounting parts
Earlier setup
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