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This is my 1983 Trek 500 with a 22.5" frame.

It was modified and repainted by Tom, as seen on his blog. He added braze-ons for canti brakes, a bottle holder, threaded fender mounts, a pump peg, and cable stops.

I first finished this build in January 2007, but there are still a few parts I'd like to swap out. Most of the parts came off of the Trek 620 seen elsewhere in this gallery.

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March, 2007
Martine, posing with the latest version of this bike.

The typical Carradice PVC pipe hack is visible here.
Carradice Barley bag
Dual Blackburn Mars 3.0 taillights are mounted to the bungee clips on the Barley bag, because the light strap sucks.
Jan 2007
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