Hidden Fortress!

Wargaming resources

BAPS and Fireteam Vietnam

  • The Listening Post [pdf]
  • A series of scenarios our small gaming group used to learn BAPS.
  • FTV Charts for WW2 [pdf]
  • Modified chart cards for Fireteam Vietnam, with the Vietnam-era elements replaced by WWII or generic charts. Compiled by Alan Ferrency, and distributed with permission from the BAPS/FTV author, John "Buck" Surdu.

External Links

Beer and Pretzel Skirmish, Fireteam Vietnam


Paper Models

  • Fiddler's Green
  • Fiddlers Green sells model paper buildings and airplanes, which are useful for wargaming terrain in any scale. They're available as jpg or pdf, for download or on CD's.
  • Normandy Buildings
  • Dream Pod 9 has made a set of 15mm scale paper building models available in pdf format for free on their web site. They were originally intended for use with their Gear Krieg game system.
  • DFS-230 German Assault Glider
  • A free download from the Flames of War website. This is a 15mm scale glider, and makes quite a nice model. pdf format.
  • Warmaster Buildings
  • Brumbaer's Warmaster webpages have some free paper model downloads intended for use in Warmaster.