The Listening Post

Part 1: Capture the Code Books

American forces:

To be played by two players, one squad each.

Morale: Veteran

German forces:

To be played by one player, the defacto game master.

Morale: Veteran


The Allied goal is to take the listening post and any code materials found there, while sustaining minimal casualties. In part 2, Allies will carry over any losses incurred in this game.

The Axis goal is to hold the listening post for as long as possible, and to destroy code materials as a last resort.


Axis forces deploy first, anywhere inside the barbed wire/sandbag defenses. All troops are "spotted."

Allies deploy on the north edge of the board, east of all trees and west of the 4' mark (where the board "really" ends). All troops are "spotted."

For Axis Eyes Only (special rules):

In part 1, the Axis is intended to be played by the person who wants to let everyone else win so they'll want to try BAPS again, because the scenario is intended for them to lose. Either that, or I just played the part particularly poorly.

The Axis reinforcements will not arrive until after the Allies take the radio shack. The Axis will defend the shack until one fire team is pinned or breaks. Any team which has not yet broken will provide cover while the pinned/broken team spends all orders retreating to the radio shack to destroy code materials.

There are 5 points of code materials in the radio shack. One point of material is destroyed for each Special Order dedicated to the task. The Allies should not know how much material is left at any time. If all materials are destroyed, end the game and proceed to part 2.

If the building is hit by HE, each point of code material is attacked in the same way as an infantryman, and is destroyed on a result of Suppress or better. Axis should roll these attacks to hide results from the Allies.

Game end:

The game ends when the Allies take the shack, or when the Axis completes its goals described in the section above.

At the end of the game, if the allies take the shack, the axis reveal the number of points of code materials which are left in the radio shack.

Allies should mark the location and wounds of all troops still on the board at game end. The troops available to the Allied player in the second scenario are those left after the first scenario is finished. It is intended for the Americans will be down to around half strength after this part.

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