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Part 2: Escape!

American forces:

To be played by whichever allied player shot his bazooka at the most pointless targets in the previous game.

Morale: Veteran
The Americans start with the men they had left after the first game. All troops are rallied and unsuppressed, but carry over wounds from part 1. All troops start where they ended the first game.

German forces:

Morale: Green
The Axis is played by two players, with one squad and one tank each. Their forces may be adjusted by the game master to compensate for the number of Americans left.


Allied troops start where they ended the previous game. All troops are "spotted."

Axis deploys their rifle squads on the South table edge, within 6" of the road. The tanks start rolling for orders on turn 3, and enter on the road at the South table edge. All troops are "spotted."


The primary American goal is to leave the table via their first game's deployent zone with as much code material as possible. Their secondary goal is to minimize their losses. The primary Axis goal is to prevent any code materials from leaving the board. Their secondary goal is to maximize American losses.

Allied special rules

Allied soldiers inside the radio shack may each pick up one point of code material as a free action with no orders necessary. American casualties are not removed from the board, and anyone (including enemies) in base-to-base contact with them may pick up any code material they carried. Obviously, don't tell the Germans who's holding the bag.

Game Master Special Rules

In the event that the Americans are being completely crushed, the game master (playing on the German side) may provide reinforcements, who arrive in the first scenario's allied deployment zone. Total reinforcements available are one additional squad of 12 like those which started the first game. Reinforcements should be used only as needed, because losses will reduce the forces available in part 3.

Game end

The game ends when all Americans have either left the board (record their wounds) or been killed. At the end of the game, keep track of all remaining Allied forces and their wounds. There was time for first aid after this battle, so before part 3, wounds may be adjusted to create fully healed and fully dead soldiers. Soldiers may be rearranged into fire teams of 5-6 as needed to improve morale before the third game.

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